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Healing the Community

The devastating effects of California’s North Bay Wildfires will continue to unfold for many months and years to come. Those hit the hardest by disasters of this magnitude often do not receive the support they need to fully recover.

The Springs Fire Relief fund is designed to help these underserved communities when they will need it most, after the media has left and their struggle is forgotten. This project gives a unique opportunity to help rebuild by combining three simple concepts. Invest in those who need the most, sustain a small donation until the work is done and ensure the funds are making a direct local impact.

First, invest. Our pledge is to provide funds for the people most brutally impacted by the fires who live in and around the area of Sonoma Valley known as ‘the Springs,’ which is home to the majority of Valley residents already struggling with the effects of poverty. We pledge long-term support to rehouse, care for, and uplift the members of our community who are hardest hit by lost wages, who can’t access existing services, who lack insurance, and/or who are least able to finance their needs while the region rebuilds.

Second, sustain. The Fund will create an online platform to facilitate giving in a way that easily integrates into donors’ lives and budgets. If many people give a small monthly donation — the cost of one cup of fancy coffee or a bottle of wine — the collective total can make a real difference. Creating a sustainable source of relief is crucial in supporting the years of community rehabilitation that are ahead. This platform will make it easier for many people to collaborate in a localized initiative with a long-term direct impact.

Finally, impact locally. The Fund will channel these gifts to the existing organizations in the community best able to serve those most in need. We are here to give voice and visibility to those who already do the work of uplifting our underserved communities. Our partnerships with these organizations has been built by a small board of community leaders who have proven their commitment to positive, inclusive change for our most vulnerable residents. Our pledge is to operate with low overhead and strong volunteer leadership, as well as with clear accountability and transparency about where your gifts go and how they are used.

Together we can heal — and create bridges where they have not existed before.

Los efectos devastadores de los incendios en la zona North Bay de California se verán durante los próximos meses y años. Frequentemente la población más afectada por desastres de tanta magnitud no recibe el apoyo que necesita para recuperarse completamente.

El SFRF está diseñado para ayudar a las comunidades marginadas cuando más lo necesiten, después que los medios de comunicación han perdido interés y su lucha está olvidada. Combinando tres conceptos simples, este proyecto ofrece una oportunidad única para ayudar en la reconstrucción de estas comunidades.

En primer lugar, invertir. Nuestra compromiso es proporcionar fondos para la comunidad del barrio en la valle de Sonoma, conocido como <<los Springs>>, la cual no sólo es el grupo más violentamente impactado por los incendios, sino que también la comunidad más marginada dentro de Sonoma, ya luchando diariamente contra los efectos de la pobreza. Nosotros, a largo plazo, nos comprometimos a realojar, cuidar, y ayudar a los miembros de nuestra comunidad más afectados por la pérdida de sus salarios, a quienes no pueden acceder a servicios actuales, a quienes no tienen seguros, y/o a quienes están menos preparados para financiar su necesidades durante la reconstrucción de la zona.

En segundo lugar, sostener. El fondo creará una plataforma online para facilitar las donaciones a los donantes. Si mucha gente diera una pequeña donación mensual — el precio de un café lujoso o una botella de vino — el total colectivo podría ayudar a crear cambios reales. Es fundamental crear una fuente de ayuda sostenible para apoyar a la comunidad durante la rehabilitación en los próximos años. Esta plataforma hará que sea más fácil para mucha gente colaborar en una iniciativa local con impacto directo a largo plazo.

Por último, impactar a nivel local. El fondo canalizará las donaciones a organizaciones actuales de la comunidad mejores equipados, para servir a los que más lo necesitan. Estamos aquí para dar voz y visibilidad a quienes ya están trabajando en ayudar a nuestras comunidades marginadas. Nuestra colaboración con estas organizaciones ha sido construido por una junta pequeña de líderes de la comunidad, quienes han demostrado su compromiso en hacer cambios positivos e inclusivos para nuestras residentes más vulnerables. Nuestra promesa es funcionar con gastos generales bajos y un liderazgo fuerte de voluntarias, además de una responsabilidad clara y transparente de hacía
dónde van y para qué están utilizados vuestras donaciones.

Juntas podemos sanar y crear puentes donde antes nunca existían.

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Dear donors,

My name is Cameron Iturri-Carpenter and I was born and raised in Sonoma, California. I grew up hearing the best way to improve the world is to improve my community. My community is now in dire need of aid and this project is my attempt to help. I am asking you to be part of an effort that could make a real difference in the lives of many people who are vulnerable right now. The funds we raise will be used to support the people who have the greatest need in our community and have limited access to private and federal funding.

I was brought up by teachers and leaders that have advocated for social justice as a principle by which to live. They taught me the importance of listening to those who have the most knowledge and experience of the work you’re trying accomplish, a lesson that has always resonated with me. That is why we will be distributing our funds through a network of organizations that already engage in direct action with the groups we are trying to serve. We are developing a board of community leaders to assist in facilitating partnerships that serve the changing needs of the recovery process over time.

I am asking you to donate in a monthly capacity because of the time it will take to rebuild our community. The fires have destroyed the homes, businesses and livelihoods of thousands of people. It will be years before our work is done. If you join us, you will see the impact your generosity has over time and the way it continues to make a difference.

We are just starting out and have obtained a Fiscal Sponsor in order to receive tax-deductible donations immediately. We have operated so far completely on the volunteered time of people who care deeply for this community, and we pledge to continue working under the lowest possible operational costs. With your help, we can make a real lasting impact.

With sincere gratitude,

Cameron Iturri-Carpenter

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